How to start, grow & make a lot of money from your snail farming business in Nigeria

… Using the experience of our snail farmers…

so that you won’t make mistakes that could lead to loss of your investment.

We Can Even Help You to Get Land for Your Farming Project!

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We have more than 50 associates’ farms in different states of Nigeria

and our team has decades of combined experience in Nigeria business and snail farming world

Our head office is at No. 9 Hakeem Ogbara Str., near Agric Bus Stop, Oke-Oriya, Ikorodu, Lagos State while we have our associates’ offices and farms in other states of Nigeria

(You can come to our head office if you need to speak with us)

Now we are using our combined decades of experience to help Nigerians who are willing to start their own Snail farming business.

We see so many Nigerians making mistakes in Snail farming business and losing their money.

How can people work hard (for 5-10 years) to save money, then put the money into a business, only to make mistakes and lose it all?

This is painful, don’t you think so?

Imagine you invest all the money in your bank account today into Snail farming business and you wake up one day to discover that all your money is gone.

That’s painful and we don’t want it to happen.

We don’t want you to make the same mistakes others are making and lose your hard-earned money.

That’s the reason why we are here to help you with our years of experience in the Nigeria business and Snail farming world.

Now you can relax and have a good sleep,

because we’re ready to sacrifice our conveniences for you to succeed in your Snail farming business.

You may not know anything about business or Snail farming but we do.

We know so much.

We’ve been in this game for many years.

If you go alone you may fail, but if you go with us you could use our experiences and succeed.

If you cannot watch the above video, read further to understand how we can help you.

If you’ve watched the video, you may scan below texts and see how you can order for any of our training or chat with us to ask whatever questions you have.

Don’t be surprised!

Many Nigerians will never want you to know what they know about any business.

But that’s NOT us.

We’re willing to use our years of experience to train you or to work with you (as your consultants)

Listen to what this man said (after he finished our training);

Yes, we are showing our trainees EVERYTHING.

And the good parts are;

First, you don’t have to travel to Kano or Yobe, if you’re in Lagos or Niger.

We have our associate farms near you (anywhere you are in Nigeria)

Second, we don’t teach you nonsense theories.

All our train are practical and intensive.

Third, we don’t just train you how to be a mere Snail farmer.

(If you’re a mere Snail farmer, you’ll fail. But if you’re a Snail entrepreneur, you’ll succeed)

We will train you on how to be a Snail entrepreneur.

Plus, we are not invisible internet guys.

We have our head office in Lagos (No. 9 Hakeem Ogbara Str., near Agric Bus Stop, Oke-Oriya, Ikorodu, Lagos) and our associates’ offices and farms in other states of Nigeria

So, you can easily come to our office to discuss your intending project with us and we’ll see how we can use our experience to help you.

Nobody else can give you all these in Nigeria.

The best you can get from most people out there is a Snail farming training that you would have to travel several miles to attend,

yet it could be just theories (in a hotel hall) or a mere training on how to feed and grow Snail.

Those guys think if you know how to feed and grow Snail, you’ll sell and make money.

Do you think it’s that easy?

A man called me from Imo states in the year 2016 and complained bitterly about his inability to sell his Snail.

This is because he was a MERE farmer.

He did not know anything about business.

If all you know is about how to manage Snail, you’ll fail.

You must be an entrepreneur too if you want to succeed in the Snail farming business.

That’s the reason why our training is 2-in-1.

We have to train you on how to manage a Snail farm and we have to train you to become an entrepreneur.

Listen to what this woman said about our training;

You too will be happy after our training or consultancy service for you!

If our Snail farm is not in your state, you can still go through our training, through videos and books.

In fact, you can invite our experienced Snail farmers to come and work with you, from ANYWHERE in Nigeria.

The idea is simple;

We want to use our years of experience to help you, as you’re just getting started.

What we have learned over the years by mistakes,

we can now show you, to help your business, so you won’t fail.

Instead of you to spend your first 1-2 years in the Snail business making mistakes and losing money,

you can now use our formula and have fewer headaches.

That is what we did for this man;

We have 3 different Snail farming programs (so that you can choose anyone that best suits you)

Our 3 Snail Farming Training/Consultancy Programs Are;

1. Do-it-for-me

2. Free Practical Training on the farm

3. Train-me-from-my-home

We Can Even Help You to Get Land for Your Farming Project

Let me quickly explain each of the above programs to you.

About Our Do-it-for-me

If you choose our Do-it-for-me program, we’ll be using our experienced Snail farmers to work with you for a whole year.

The idea is very simple.

Imagine you just bought a new Jet, if at all you’ll later learn how to pilot a Jet,

it would be wise for you to employ a pilot who has been piloting Jets for many years, first.

Since you’re very new in the Snail business,

what if you could have someone who has been in the Snail business for years, using his experience to guard you, so you’ll not make mistakes and lose all your investment?

That’s very interesting, right?


This will help you to succeed while other novices fail.

Our do-it-for-me program is like buying our years of business/Snail farming experience.

What our Snail farmers have learned through mistakes and failures for many years, we’re willing to use it for your success.

This program is like you buy a new car and you don’t know how to drive yet.

If you’re the type that travels inter-states highways every day,

don’t you think it’ll be better for you to employ a driver who has been driving cars since last 7-10 years?

In this way, you’ll not be worried about crashing your new (precious) car as a learner.

You don’t want to “crash” your new Snail farming business, do you?

Then, you can let us  act as your “driver”

You can employ this driver and make him drive your car and teach you driving alongside.

One year after, when you’ve mastered how to drive yourself on the highways, you can continue driving yourself.

That’s how our do-it-for-me Snail farming consultancy program works.

If you choose this program,

it’s like you’re buying our hard-earned, many years experiences and knowledge.

Instead of you to spend the first year in Snail business making mistakes and losing money,

what if you can “ride” on our experience?

Imagine yourself going to a country you’ve never been before,

won’t you like someone who has been in that country for 10 years to guild you, show you the way and familiarize you with the country?

Listen to things we’ll do with you;

  • First, we’ll speak with you on phone to know your plans.
  • Second, we’ll reveal the INSIDER SECRETS of the Snail business in Nigeria to you by preparing a report

(base on what you tell us on phone) that would show you the cost of EVERY single thing you’ll need and the expected profit after one year, etc.)

Our report would contain the kinds of pens you’ll need (depending on what you tell us on the phone) and their cost.

  • we’ll reveal to you the amount you would need to feed your Snail from day one till harvest.

(You cannot get such crucial information online or just anywhere, except the experienced Snail farmers)

  • The next thing we’ll do is to send one of our experienced teammates to visit your intending Snail farm location.

We’ll like to see where you want to start your Snail business and offer some professional advice

(i.e, the best farm layout practice, the best Snail pens suitable for such environment, the security precaution, etc)

  • We’ll then reveal to you the best materials to buy for your Snail pens.
  • The next thing we’ll do is to send one of our experienced Snail farmers to come and supervise the construction of your Snail pens
  • Then, we’ll reveal to you the best feeds to feed your Snail for maximum harvest (profit)
  • Then, we’ll train your staff and guard you in whatever other necessary ways.

To crown it all, we’ll do something that would greatly reduce your overall cost (and then increase your profit)

No matter where you are in Nigeria,

we’ll send our experienced Snail farmer there to guard you and help you to set-up your own Snail farming business, in a professional way

After setting up your Snail business and train your staff,

  • we will be in constant communication with you (or your farm manager)

to know what’s going on on your farm.

  • Plus that, we’ll make a monthly visit to your farm to check if there’s anything that needs our attention.

As your consultant, we’ll be your “eye” in everything.

Just as a father holds the hand of his son so that he won’t fall,

that’s how we’ll hold your hand for a whole year so that you won’t make any mistakes that could lead to loss of your investment.

After being with you for a year, you must have been able to go on your own (using what you learn from us)

I think that’s very interesting, what do you think?

But, Unfortunately,

Our “do-it-for-me” consultancy program is available for just very FEW people.

The reason is that we have only 24hrs in a day

Before we travel to Benue, Imo, Port Harcut, F.C.T, Lagos, Kano, a whole month is gone.

That’s the reason why we can only give 10 people slots for our do-it-for-me (for now)

If you’re fast enough, you can get a do-it-for-me slot today.

If you want to book us for our “do-it-for-me” program,

Kindly call us on  08100446044 to see maybe we still have a slot for you.

If you choose our Do-it-for-me program,

we’ll register you for our 9-day intensive business training and train you with some of our business strategy books.

Here at the Agric Experts, we understand the hidden truth that;

knowing how to raise Snail alone will not make you a successful entrepreneur.

You have to understand business strategies and tactics.

That’s what our 9-day online business training will teach you.

Listen to what one of those who have been into our 9-day intensive business train said;

About our Free Practical Training on the farm

Our Free Practical Training on the farm Snail farming program gives you the opportunity to visit our associate’s snail farm for free practical snail farming training.

This training is going to be ON THE FARM, not in a classroom or hotel hall.

You won’t pay for the practical training on the farm.

You’ll only pay a token for the training materials.

You can go through these reading training when you’re in your car, going to work, after work or on weekends.

We expect you to keep a jotter that contains your questions.

Now, you’ll come to our nearby farm on your convenient day.

When you come to the farm, you’re coming for three things;

First, to come and see what you have read, practically,

Second, to be trained by our experienced farmer,

Third, to ask whatever questions bothering you.

It’s usually an interactive section where our trainer will show you around the farm and you ask him as many questions as you have.

After this practical, intensive and interesting training, you’re likely to feel like this man;

If you have any questions, call us on; 07038381171 or 08100446044

Or visit our head office at No. 9, Hakeem Ogbara Str., Oke-Oriya, Ikorodu Lagos

About our train-me-from-my-home program

Our train-from-my-home program was designed for you if you’re very busy or you cannot make it to any of our associate snail farms.

We have designed this program to be as practical as possible.

These days you can learn anything, even from your home.

In this training, you’ll get the following;

1. Practical snail Farming Book

2. Our famous 9-day intensive business training

3. A Business Book on How to Get Capital to Start Your business in Nigeria

4. Our Most Popular Business Book “13 Secrets School Did Not Teach You about How to Be Rich”

5. A Business Book; “The Science of Getting Rich”

It is better for anyone to give money to beggars than to waste it on a business he/she knows nothing about.

Don’t you think so?

If you want to travel to a strange land and you know a friend who has been living in that land for 10 years,

won’t you call him, to tell you about the land and to host you when you get to the land,

and to take you around the city, till you know your ways?

So many people have started snail farming business and wasted their money,

simply because they don’t have an experienced snail farmer who is willing to guide them.

Now that you’re having us, you don’t have an excuse to fail.

Please Note;

All the above training videos and books are on our farm and online and can easily be downloaded with your phone, laptop or tablet.

When you pay for them, you get them and download them, IMMEDIATELY, not the next day.

Now I’ve explained about our different snail farming training/consultancy programs;

1. Do-it-for-me; Our experienced snail farmers will work with you for one year

2. Train-me-on-your-farm; You’ll pass through 6 different training, one on our farm

3. Train-me-from-my-home; You’ll pass through 5 different training, from your home or office

Three things you can be sure;

First, all our training are practical, detailed and interesting

This is so because we know what we’re teaching.

Imagine calling someone who has owned a car and drove it for 10 years, to come and teach you how to drive?

Our farmers have spent years doing what they want to teach you,

why won’t it be practical and interesting?

Either you need us to work as your consultants, to help you to set-up your snail farm, order for our videos or book,
you’ll always appreciate us at the end.

Listen to what this mother of 4 said;

Prices of Our Training/Consultancy Programs;

Our snail farming training is so valuable and affordable that after you go through any of the training or consultancy, you’ll feel like this medical doctor;

Following are the prices of our snail farming/business training and consultancy programs

 Fee for our Do-it-for-me program;

This is our one whole year consultancy programs.

If you register for this program, we’ll hold your hand,

For every crucial step, for a whole year (or 3 months for just set-up).

The fee is between #200 – #500,000 (depending on whether you need our experts for just set-up, 3 months or a full consultancy, one year)


You can get our 3 months consultancy services at discount for just a token #97000 and our one-year consultancy for #197000

(If you’re getting our one-year consultancy service, that’s just like paying a token of about #17000 per month)

But note;

We are giving only 10 people the opportunity to work with us in this program each month, for now.

The reason is because of our time and we don’t want to promise anyone what we don’t have the time to do,

So if you want us to handle your project, call us today to get a slot and to get the discount.

Call us on:  08100446044

Fee for our Free Practical Training on the farm program

This is a 3-week intensive practical and interesting snail farming/business training.

(Though it won’t affect your time, even if you’re a banker)

The practical Training on the farm is 100% FREE.

You’ll only pay a token for the training materials.

This training contains the following 6 training;

Practical, One-on-one Training on Our Nearby snail Farm/Interactive Section

  • Our famous 9-day intensive business training

  • Practical snail Farming Book

  • A Business Book on How to Get Capital to Start Your business in Nigeria

  • Our Most Popular Business Book “13 Secrets School Did Not Teach You about How to Be Rich”

  • A Business Book; “The Science of Getting Rich”

The actual price of this training is; N50,000

But we’re giving you the practical training on the farm for FREE so you’re only paying a token #24,997 for the training materials

(Discount still available today)

Fee for our “train-me-from-my-home”

This is 2-weeks intensive practical training which you can get right from your home.

This training gives you the following 4 training;

  • Our famous 9-day intensive business training

  • Practical snail Farming Book

  • A Business Book on How to Get Capital to Start Your business in Nigeria

  • Our Most Popular Business Book “13 Secrets School Did Not Teach You about How to Be Rich”

The fee for all the above 2-week intensive training is N30,000

However, if you’re fast and get it at discount, you’ll pay just a token N13000

(Paying just N17000 for a 2-week life-changing training is just like paying a token N928 per day)

The number one on the list of this training (alone) worth N30,000.

Yet, you’ll get all of these 4 itemized training for a token N13000 (if you’re fast and get the package now).

(Discount is still available today)

You can also order for just our snail farming book;

  • Practical snail Farming Book

The snail farming book is a token N3,000

How to Pay for Any of Our Snail Farming Training/Consultancy programs

Payment for either “do-it-for-me”, or any of the above training/consultancy could be made either through internet bank transfer, mobile money transfer, ATM transfer or direct bank payment to any of the following bank detail;

Our company’s Corporate Accounts;



Account name; Business Classroom Vision

Account Number;  02-3434-1505


 Zenith Bank

Account Name; Business Classroom Vision

Account Number; 101-483-1699


First Bank

Account Name; Business Classroom Vision

Account Number; 203-177-6798

After payment,

Send us your name and email address on  08100446044 and we’ll attend to your request immediately as we confirm your payment

If you want to book an appointment for our “do-it-for-me” consultancy program or you have any questions,

call/text  08100446044

If you need us to help you get land in Lagos, kindly call the above line.

Our Mission is to Train You How to Become A Successful Business Owner!

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