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19 Business Opportunities/Ideas for Africans

Business opportunities for Africans has always been among the top discussed topic, for people who are seeking for business ideas in Africa or for those whom are quite confused on the type of business to setup in Africa.

Africa as a continent has a very good business opportunities that can help to not only solve problems, but can also provide employment and make great income for the entrepreneurs.

It may be quite surprising to know that there are many business ideas or business opportunity in Africa than you can ever imagine and reason been that enough –people haven’t tapped from this opportunities because they might not know that they exit or have no idea of any Africa business ideas.

In this article, I will be stating all the Africa business ideas that can help you to setup any business of your choice or help to make up your mind on anyone of listed below.List of Business Ideas/Opportunities for Africans


This crop production business includes, rice farming production, cassava framing, tomato farming, cucumber farming, maize farming, palm oil farming or production, potato farming and so forth.

There are indeed many of them out there and they are capable to provide a good income.

One good thing about crop production is that even if you have no previous knowledge of farming the crops, you can hire workers or farmers whom are expert in it to plant for you. By this, you won’t have to worry on how to do it, also learn and as same time make your profit.

For crop production business, if you have no or few capital you can surely get loan from the banks, Microfinance Banks, cooperative societies etc. so long you have a good business plan or proposals.

The livestock farming business involves businesses such as goat farming business, cattle farming, pig farming business, grass-cutter farming business, snail farming business, poultry farming business (which involves layers poultry farming, boilers farming business or turkey farming business etc) and so forth.

Just like crop production business, if you have no or few capitals for your livestock business you can surely get loan from the banks, Microfinance Banks, cooperative societies so far you have a good business plan or proposals.

If you are looking for good African business ideas that could yield you money then satchel water or bottle water production is a good business opportunity.

For this business, you need a source of good water, filtering machines and sachet water nylons or plastic bottle production machine and so forth.

Ask the Alchemists entrepreneurs!

You need a waste management truck, labors and a registered business, and houses or company to assist in managing their business in a fixed payment then you are free to startup. So if you have interest in setting up one, do not hesitate.

One can also make good income from blogging when people pay the blogger to advertise a product or services in a space in their online blog. Or also participate in pay per click services, or even engage in affiliate marketing.

The good thing about this blogging business is that you can easily set it up if you have your laptop and small capital.

Like I stated above that you can practices an affiliate marketing as a means of gaining in your blog; you should know that, It is not a not a must to have a blog before engaging in an affiliate marketing. You can apply to companies or services that are in need of affiliate marketers, if approved; you will then have to promote their goods or services in either your social media accounts etc.

Do not overlook this business idea because it has very good and high profit tendencies.

A lot of people might want to consider going internationally, that is, creating an international forum, well it’s also good, but there is a good tendency if it is made local.

One can profit from this business by accepting to feature sponsorship post, articles or stories. You can also advertise products or services at a pay per click or a monthly or weekly payment.

If you don’t want to engage in a forum of numerous topics, you can then best chose a particular topic and elaborate in it. It can also make a good income too.

You can be paid an amount of fee for setting up this business been provided that you have the equipment and a great knowledge of how to do it. If you want to set up this business but do not know how to do it, you can enroll in classes that teach techniques and how to setup event planning and management services.

if you get your first job and do it right, people who attend the event may want you to manage their events for them when they need to do so. You can also advertise your business online or offline through posters or billboards..

To set up exportation or importation business, you need capital either small or big, if possible registered company and the contact of interested buyers, when you have this, you are good to go. For the exposure of your business, you need to market it well both offline and online.

As a job recruiter agency or management, it is your job to provide these candidates with the right jobs and these companies with the right candidates.

You can set up this business offline or online. The good advantages of bring this online it’s because since most people use the internet on a daily basis to get information, your job recruiting services will be easy to see or access.

By getting genuinely available jobs to the right people and the right candidates to the right companies who are need of it; from there you get your own commissions through the candidate’s salaries or particular payments from the company or candidates.

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