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Broiler Production/Farming in Nigeria (Post + Free practical training on our farm)

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Broiler production in Nigeria is a very popular livestock business in Nigeria.  As a part of poultry farming, a lot of people are into broiler farming in Nigeria.

So if you have an interest in this business and need a guide or help on how to start it up; you are in the right place and this is a perfect guide is for you.

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A lot of farmers who are into poultry business in Nigeria ranging from layers, turkeys and so on, most times prefer to venture broilers poultry farming because is a fast and reliable way of raising poultry meat for human consumption and also at the same time, make a good income from it.

Introduction to Broiler Production in Nigeria

In simple stating, of all commercial poultry farming in Nigeria, commercial broiler production or broiler poultry farming is the raising or keeping of chickens (broilers) primarily for meat production.

Chickens are easy to raise and as lucrative this business might be, it might be surprising to know that some farmers who venture into broiler production have lost their investment and couldn’t gain from it.

So to add, that the solution to successful broiler production or broilers poultry farming depends on a methodical and efficient management program the farmer has adopted when setting up this business.

Broilers Meat Consumption in Nigeria

Broilers meat is mostly loved by all in Nigeria. A lot of people who consume this meat do so because of its nice taste, its soft tenderness and nutritive value; it is said to be high in protein and lower in caloric.

How to Start a Broiler Production / Farming in Nigeria

  1. Set-up a business plan
  2. Get trained by experienced farmers
  3. Get a good location for your poultry farm
  4. Set-up your broilers\’ pen professionally
  5. Buy the right broiler chicks
  6. Feed your broiler with the right feeds
  7. Take care of the brooding stage of poultry
  8. Care for your birds
  9. Broilers\’ vaccine and vaccinations

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Let\’s explain these one after another;

1. Draw or set up a business plan;

A good business needs a plan, write and stipulate in it, your estimated Investment Costs (cost of housing and equipment) cost of the chick or birds your purchased, cost of feeds, cost of electricity, labor, farm rental (if rented) and cost of medication and medication services.

When all this is documented, you can know if you are losing or gaining after selling your chicken.

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2. Be Trained By an Experienced Poultry Farmer

Anybody without the knowledge or idea of broilers can rear broilers and may succeed in it. But believe me, it will be a trial and error event; Few or several chickens might have died before they get it right.

Since you are setting up a commercial broiler poultry farm in Nigeria you wouldn’t want to involve your chicken in this trial and error method that may lead to loss of your investment.

Therefore, it is worthwhile to read, be enlightened and research about broilers production before entering into it. And since broilers are fragile chickens or birds, you should and would want to pamper and handle them with care.

This post would help you to get started, but you definitely need far more than whatever you read on the internet.

You can talk to an expert, a veterinarian, a fellow broiler farmer or visit one of our associate poultry farms near you. Click  HERE if you\’ll like to come and learn how to start your broiler farming on our farm.

3. Get a Good Location for Your Broiler Farming

When you are looking for a site or land for rearing your broilers or setting up your broilers production, it should be a land that is near or not far from the market. .

The land should not be located closer to rivers, streams or lake as this may result and expose broiler or chickens to the dangers of floods and can also cause pollution of water by the broilers wastes/feces during raining periods/ season.

When you are looking for a land, you might be looking for one that is a bit far away from the neighborhood because chicken farmers who have been rearing chickens within a neighborhood have had a situation where neighbors have complained about the disturbing odor of chicken smell.

The dispute wasn’t an easy one; it was serious as it led to court settlement.

4. Set Up Your Broiler Pen for Your Broilers Production

Before you purchase your day-old broiler chicks, you should prepare and set up your chicken house or broilers house (call pens)

Chickens or broilers are warm-blooded animals; they have the ability to maintain a rather uniform temperature of their internal organs. Therefore, the house provided for them should have the same uniform temperature with that of the chicken.

Your poultry house should be from east to west position, for wind control and also for enough ventilation. Good water supply and electricity should be provided in the house.

There should be enough spacing for your broilers, determine the number of chicken you want to put per room to prevent suffocation.  The house should be easy to clean and it should be constructed in a way that will ensure protection for broilers from predators and good health for both human and chickens. For Poor housing can lead to the collapse of chickens irrespective of how well you have managed it.

A concrete floor is majorly encouraged because it is easy to clean and it also assists in controlling parasites like mites, which do hide in the soil and causes sore into chicken legs. You should spray sawdust on the floor to maintain a moderate temperature on the floor.

You can as well go for battery cages, for a better broiler production.

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5. Broiler Feeding and Watering Equipment

It is suggested that when setting up your broilers pens, you should mechanize the water trough and the feeder. Do not place them on the floor as this could make the ground wet; thus causing the place to smell and the chicken to contact diseases.

Also, if you place the water trough or feeder on the floor, the chickens might defecate on it by this causing the water or feed to be contaminated, which will be unhealthy to the chickens.

6. Purchase the Right Broilers Breed/chicks

when you want to purchase the broilers chicks for broilers production business or broilers poultry farming, there are things you should look at for. Things like;

The breeds of broilers differ and have different characteristics. And the preference is different in most broilers farmer. Below are the lists of few broilers breeds;

Red Broilers: they are slow-growing breeds and are more appropriate for outdoor production than fast-growing broilers. It has strong resistance to diseases.

Rosambro Broilers (medium-growth); has the characteristic as the red broilers but grows faster than the red broilers.

Cornish Cross Broilers (fast growth); is extremely fast growing chicken that is processed between six and eight weeks. It is also known as Cornish Rock.

Roaster chicks or Moyer’s Broiler (sometimes called Cornish Giants); they have excellent shape, plump and tender breast meat and good skin texture. They could weigh over 4 lbs. by 6 weeks of age.

Moyer’s K-22 Red Broilers) (the Cockerels Only); is a full-blooded meat bird that has defiant genetics and has well textured with flavorful meat for the consumer who has a preference for less oily meat. Though, this broiler is a slow- growing bird than the Cornish giant with the males growing to a live weight of 5 pounds at around 8 weeks unlike the female.

These breeds listed above are just a few to mention, there are much more types of breeds still available.

7. House Your Day-old Broilers (brooding period);

Broilers chicks are really quite fragile. Thus, they need special care. Below are ways to care for them;

(Note; as your broilers grow you should know when to put them in a grower house)

8. Feed Your Broiler Chickens

During your broilers production, at a different stage, a different type of feed is given to the broilers.

Below is a table description of their feeding process;

Type of feed Broiler’s age (days) Duration of feeding (weeks)
Starter’s feed 1 – 21 3 weeks
Grower’s feed 22 – 35 2 weeks
Finisher’s feed 36 – 42 1 week till marketing period

The feeds given to the boilers should be highly nutritious and comprises; a high ratio of protein, amino acid, lysine, and methionine with low fiber in their feed for good growth and also feeds that has supplements of vitamin A, B2, D3, B12, and K.

For the water intake, provide the broilers with adequate water for they take about thrice the amount of feed they eat per day. There is also high increase in water intake during hot weather and when high protein ration is fed to them. Do not give them too hot or too cold water; instead give them water of a moderate temperature of about 10 – 12°C.

9. Give the Right Medication to Your Broilers

Recommended medications and vitamins should be administered to your broilers at a different age to aid in good growth, and prevent diseases.

(Note; that some of this drugs can be put into their water. Before giving them drugs, it should be recommended and measured. Always give them multi-vitamins to regulate their body after giving them the vaccines. If you are still confused on the medication to give them, then kindly consult an experienced veterinarian. )

Also note that it\’s always better for every serious poultry farmer to have a veterinary doctor near-by so has to easily report whatever symptoms you noticed with your birds with your veterinary doctor.





Market Your Broilers

After all the work, this is the part when you gain. It is recommended that you make a market research about the price  of broiler chickens in your target market (even before you set up broiler production business in Nigeria).

You can sell directly to interested individual, to those that deal on frozen foods or to companies that need them in larger quantity. You should weigh them when selling.

(Tips; you should start marketing your broilers days before it reaches its growth period; this will prevent you from additional cost of feeds)

 Care for Your Broiler Chickens

When adequate care is given to your broilers; the gain could be great. Below are more additional care you should render to your broilers or broiler chicks;

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Record Keeping in Broiler Production

You should keep a record of every activity of your broilers. In your record, there should be;

Broilers Production in Nigeria; Growth Rates.

Though broiler growth depends on the breeds but mostly a healthy broiler is already grown between 45-60 days (like 2 months). Some farmers might prefer to extend it to 3 months before marketing it. It all depends. Just know that as your broilers grow, you will see the physical changes.

Getting Capital for Your Broiler Production in Nigeria

For your capital, you may request for a loan in banks or you can use your savings if you have any. If the right steps are taken and practiced well; in or no time you will make your profit from your broilers production or broiler poultry farming business in Nigeria.

PS; This post could be downloaded as PDF (How to Start Broiler Production in Nigeria )

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