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Agric Training/Seminar in Nigeria (Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt etc.)

The new trend in the Nigerian economy is Agriculture.

\”Return to farming\” is the next thing Nigeria\’s economy seems to be saying.

If you\’re interested in taking the opportunities presented by Nigeria\’s economic diversification, you may want to know where you can get the right Agriculture training or seminar in Nigeria.

Our company can help you.

No. We don\’t do \”internet Agric\”.

We allow you to visit our nearest associate farm to you.

In fact, our experienced farmers could help you to set up your farm (professionally) and work with you on your farm for a period of one year (so that you won\’t make mistakes and lose your investment).

I have a few things to share with you about Agric Business in Nigeria.

First, don\’t believe all the hype around.

You see, there is so much noise about Agriculture in Nigeria and how \”lucrative\” the sector is (or could be).

As in everything, most people making noise about how you can make millions from the Agric Business in Nigeria are not insiders.

If they are insiders in this industry, then be sure they want to sell you something.

They either want you to come for their Agric training or seminar or they want you to come and buy their Agric business books.

The truth I tell people is, don\’t run into any Agric business because everyone is making noise about it.

The truth is, Agric business is a business (and every business is tough).

If you\’re looking for quick money, look elsewhere.

After telling you this truth, the next thing I should tell you is,

Be willing to pay the price!

I\’ve been in the business world since I was 15 years old. I know what it means to run a business.

It simply means you want to work for free for the next 3-5 years.

You cannot start any Agric business today and start making money next month.

You must be able to work for free, for several months.

If you think Agriculture is one of those \”get-rich-without-much-work\”, think again.

The other truth is,

There are too many things to learn.

Our company has more than 250 associate farmers (as of the time of writing this post). These farmers are into different aspects of farming; poultry, piggery, maize, cassava, fish, snail tomato, etc.

Many of these farmers have spent 3-10 years doing what they are doing but I\’m not sure any of them know it all.

That\’s just what life is.

If you cannot learn, you cannot grow. If you cannot grow, you cannot succeed in Agric Business.

How can you get Agric Training or Seminar in Nigeria?

There are many Agric business seminars all around. Some in hotel rooms, others by \”internet farmers\”.

You\’ll be wise to get your Agric training on the farm.

That\’s how our company can help you

Whether you\’re thinking of poultry farming, pig farming, fish farming, maize farming or any other farming (including snail farming), we can give you the opportunity to visit our nearest associate farm.

We don\’t do our Agric training in the hotel hall because we\’ve learned from experience that people learn better if they could see, touch and relate with what they are learning.

In fact, we can even give you the opportunity to use our experienced farmers to work with you, to guide you about constructing your pens, setting up your ponds or setting up your farm professionally.

Another big thing is:

We are in more than 21 states of Nigeria.

Whether you\’re in Lagos, Port harcourt, Abuja, Imo, Rivers or anywhere else in Nigeria, we\’re likely to be at your door-step.

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We will be glad to work with you.


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