Among the many popular livestock agricultural business in Nigeria, poultry farming business in Nigeria is a very popular agricultural business that could yearn quite an income to those who practices it. This business has been booming from years to years and still making great impact.

In the whole world poultry farming business is been practiced either in a bigger way or in a smaller way. In this article I will be writing on how to set up a commercial poultry farming business in Nigeria. Whereby you will be setting up a huge or moderate commercial poultry farming business in Nigeria in which the sole purpose is for making money and not for family or personal consuming.

In as much as poultry farming business is an easy livestock or agricultural business there are still some poultry farmers who are still not making their gain from it but instead, they loss and this is because they do not know what it entails or have little knowledge of what it is all about.

In general explanation  Poultry farming business in general is an act of rearing birds either boilers, turkey, duck or layer poultry farming for meat production or eggs productions which are been consumed by the whole country or nation.

Gains of setting up a poultry farming business in Nigeria

For the Production of meat; chickens or birds in poultry farming are used as a source of meat in the whole and part of the world. This poultry meat has nutritional values which includes;

  • High in protein; poultry meat is a lean meat therefore has a lot of protein which can help in the development and growth of the body, muscle growth, helps in losing weight and also helps in supporting a healthy body.
  • Serves as an anti-depressant; if you are looking way to manage depression, then you should consume more poultry meat. This meat has high amino acid which is called tryptophan. This amino acid gives comforting feelings to the body after eating any of the poultry meat. It also increases the serotonin levels in the body which helps in enhancing your mood, making you to falling asleep thus discharging stress.
  • Preventing of bone loss; for ageing people, poultry meats are good for preventing arthritis etc when consumed.
  • Maintaining a healthy heart; eating poultry meats can help control homocysteine (which is an amino acid that can cause cardiovascular diseases.
  • It has abundant selenium; poultry meat has sufficient selenium which is an important mineral that helps in metabolic performance and also help in immune function.
  • Has enough phosphorus; this livestock meat is rich in phosphorus which is an essential mineral that aids in maintaining the teeth, bones, kidney, (CNS) central nervous system and the liver.
  • Has enough Niacin; poultry meat is quite rich in Niacin which is a Vitamin-B that guards against cancer and other forms of genetic damage.
  • Helps in metabolism boosting; eating poultry meats can help keep the blood vessels healthy, energy levels high and helps in burning calories so you can manage a healthy weight and live actively.
  • Helps in tissues growth; the vitamin B2 or riboflavin found in poultry meat can help in reducing skin problems, repair dry or damaged skin, and heal cracked or chapped lips, mouths and tongue.
  • Promotes good eyes; this healthy meat has high Vitamins A which can give retinol, beta-carotene, alpha and lycopene that helps in the maintenance of good eyes.

For the Production of egg; in as much as poultry farming business can provide meat for nations, it can also provide eggs for consumption.  The within of an egg is divided into the white part and the yellow part known as the egg yolk.

The white part is well-known for its high source of protein, vitamin B2 and minerals such as zinc, iron and copper which are the more basis older or aged people prefer taking the egg yolk.

The egg Yolk; which is the yellow rounded part of an egg that is surrounded by the albumen that contains more calories, fat, cholesterol, fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K and Lecithin (which is the compound that enable alters in recipes such as hollandaise or mayonnaise.)

Eggs have nutritional values which are;

Has lots of vitamins and highly nutritious; egg consist of vitamins which are vitamin A, vitamin B5, vitamin B12, folate, vitamin B2, phosphorus, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin B6, vitamin K, Selenium, calcium and Zinc. It’s okay to say that egg is among the most nutritious popular foods on earth.

It raises HDL; have you heard of HDL (High Density Lipoprotein) which is popular known as the good cholesterol. Eating egg can help increase HDL which helps to reduces the risk of having heart disease, stroke, etc

Helps to maintain good eye; eggs contains Zeaxanthin, Liutein which are powerful antioxidant that helps to keep the eyes in a healthy condition. It can also help to prevent macular degeneration and cataracts.

Contains Omega-3; though this depends on the kind of feeds you give your poultry bird. Some eggs have Omege-3 fatty acid which helps in reducing blood triglycerides.

Production of organic manure; when you set up a poultry farming business, you also get the chance to sell the waste products of your birds to crop farmers who needs them for boosting their crop production. By this been an additional income to your business.

Having explained on the purpose of our topic, what to stand to gain when running a poultry farming business in Nigeria, the nutrients involves in it and what it entails, we will be looking now on how to set up a poultry farming business in Nigeria.

How to set up a poultry farming business in Nigeria

  • Knowledge of poultry farming business; To make it big in this poultry farming business, you must have knowledge of what it’s all about, though this business is not hard to setup and run but without knowledge and ideas about it; this business will turnout a big mess and a huge waste of money.

Another good reason why you should have knowledge of what poultry farming business is all about is to avoid a trial and error mistakes in it. To learn more about it, you should start by talking to an expert, a veterinarian, a fellow farmer or reading up articles in Google on any search engine just like you are just doing now.


  • Setting up a business plan; you need to establish a business plan which will assist you in running a good poultry farming business. For every healthy business, there should be a business plan or proposal that would assist you in running the business. Your poultry farming business proposal should include an estimated price which you intend to start with, estimated profit you might be having when running the business. The size of the land you will be using, the number of birds which you will be having, the number of feeds your birds will be consuming per daily or per weekly. This will help you know the way forward to your poultry farming business. It will also help you know if you are gaining or losing in your poultry farming business. Another good reason is that it will aid you in loan collection when needed.
  • Selecting the perfect land and location; you should select a perfect land location which is in an easily reached area where it will be easy for the movement and transportation of poultry birds, eggs and bringing of feeds or equipment. And also the land location should be easy to locate and should not be within the neighborhood so that people who live around there will not be complaining about poultry odors or air pollution which most people seems not to like. So your farm should be a bit far from the neighborhoods or crowded areas where people inhabit. The area should also be a place where there is provision of electricity, good air and clean water because you will need them a great deal in the management of your chicken. And the area should not have or be a waterlogged area and there should not be any flooding of water around the area or nearby the place to avoid the spreading of disease or the death of the birds during any heavy rain.


  • Construction of a poultry house; after getting a good land location, the next step is to build your poultry house or shed. It is advisable that you will need the help of a constructor who is mastery in this to construct the house in order not to make a mistake in the construction of the house. Keep in mind that the house should be well ventilated, well protected from rodent, snakes, bacteria or disease. The housing should have a provision of electricity, water supply, feeding and watering equipments.


There are two types of housing system which can be used for rearing the poultry birds.

  • Cage system; this system includes having organized cages in the chicken house that will separate the water, feed and how the eggs will stay when been laid. This is most times used for layer poultry birds in other to prevent the damage of eggs or so. But you can also use it for boiler poultry birds or so.
  • Deep litter system; this system involves when you cover the concrete floor with saw dust, rice hulks or chopped wheat straw and hang the feed and water containers to the reach of the chickens. This housing system can be very effective for boilers poultry bird but just like the cage system it can be used for the layer poultry birds too.

Brooding room; when constructing your poultry house, you should bear in mind that you will also be constructing a brooding room where you will artificially incubate your chicks on arrival.  The room should totally be germs free; the walls, floor, ceilings and feeding and water equipments should be thoroughly washed, and disinfected to prevent the mortality of the chicks or young birds. Also bear in mind that there should be a maintained or required amount of heat or warmness required for the chicks in the brooding room to keep their temperature in a good condition. Don’t forget to also spray or pour saw dust on the floor of the house to help keep the birds warm

  • Purchasing the right chicks or birds; after the housing and brooding room is ready, then it’s time to purchase your chicks or birds. It is recommended to buy the young birds from an experienced seller which is known to see good and healthy chicks. You can make a preference of the choose of bird you want to rear; they are;

Layer farming; this  is an act of raising  or rearing a poultry birds known as ‘layer’ for the sole  purpose of commercial egg production. Though, you can also sell them as meat but this will be after they are done producing eggs for a couple of years.

Boiler faming; this  is an act of raising  or rearing a poultry birds known as ‘boilers’ for the sole  purpose of commercial poultry meal production; though they can also produce eggs but not as high as the layers bird. They grow faster than layer birds which is the more reason while it is been used as meat.

Turkey farming; this  is an act of raising  or rearing a poultry birds known as ‘turkey’ for the sole  purpose of commercial poultry meal production. Just like the boilers birds they can lay eggs but not as high as layers birds. Aside this popular three, there are other poultry birds like quail, cockerel etc.


  • Feeding and medication; for every different stages of your birds there are feeds been given to them. These are;

The starters feed; they are beginners feed been given at the early stage when they are still 0 week till 3-4 weeks or as been recommended by your veterinarian.

The growers feed; after the starters feed feeds is been stopped, the growers feed should be given to the birds for 3 weeks -4 weeks or as been recommended by your veterinarian.

The finishers feed or layers feed; after stopping the growers mash or feed the finishers feed or layers feed should be given to the bird. The finisher feed can be given to non layers birds while the layers mash or fed should be given to the layers bird. Each feeds or mash usually severs it purpose. Let you veterinarian recommend for you.

For medications; please don’t just give the birds any poultry medications you lay your hands on, let it be from a veterinarian recommendation.


  • Selling and marketing your birds; after growing your birds and its now matured and all grown, you can sell them or the eggs to available customers. If you practice a healthy poultry farming managements (listed above) with dedications and hard work, soon enough you will see your gain in your poultry farming business.