Poultry farming is a very popular agricultural business that could earn quite an income to you in Nigeria, if professionally handled.

In this post, I’m going to be sharing with you how you can start your own poultry farming business in Nigeria and how you can visit our associates’ poultry farm near you for the free practical poultry farming training and how you can get our phone numbers and discuss with us about your intending poultry business.

Yes, our company (The AgricExperts) has more than 250 associate farms in more than 21 states of Nigeria and many of these farms are poultry farms.

We’re giving you the opportunity to visit our poultry farm near you for practical training on the farm. You can even use our experienced farmers to build your own poultry farm, professionally.

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Introduction to Poultry Farming

In the whole world poultry farming business is being practiced either in a big way or in a smaller way.

Even though poultry business looks pretty easy from the outside, so many people have lost their hard earned money in the poultry business.

Reasons why people lose money in poultry business are many, among which are; lack of basic knowledge on how poultry business works, unwillingness of the farmers to learn from the experienced farmers and inability to handle poultry business like a business.

The first two points seem very clear but I need to explain the third point.

You see, most people are “just farmers”, meaning that, they approach their poultry venture as if it’s just about feeding chicks and selling eggs.

Because many of these people were never trained to be poultry entrepreneurs, they lose their investment in the poultry business.

That’s the reason why here at the AgricExperts.com, we don’t just train Nigerians how to be farmers, we train Nigerians how to be Agric Entrepreneurs.

To be successful in the poultry business, you must understand, not just how to feed chicks and administer vaccines, but also strategies to make a business successful.

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9 steps to set up a successful poultry farming business in Nigeria

1. Understand what you’re getting into

Our company receives hundreds of calls from different Nigerians who want to go into poultry business. From those calls we’ve discovered that most people don’t understand what they are going into.

Because most people are employees, the idea of making money after 30 days has registered into their heads. Such people think they can make money, NOW.

See, you’re going into “the business”, not job.

You’ll need to invest time, wait and manage your investment very well, before you’ll be rich.

2. Get adequate knowledge of poultry farming business;

To make it big in this poultry farming business, you must have knowledge of what it’s all about, though this business is not hard to setup and run but without the adequate knowledge and ideas about it; this business will turnout a big mess and a huge waste of money.

3. Setting up a business plan

This doesn’t have to be a very complex thing. Your business plan is simply a guide, to guild your decisions and strategy. Except you want to write the business plan to seek investment in any financial institution, you may not have to write more than a very simple plan as per when you’ll get started and how you intend to grow.

4. Select the perfect land and location

Because of the odour and noise, poultry farm cannot be set up in a residential area. You must search for a land at the outskirt of your city or town

5. Construct your poultry pen professionally.

Pen is the name given to the house where your chickens live. We have different housing systems among which are; deep liter system (where your birds roam around the floor) and the battery cages system (where your birds live inside the cage).

Your poultry chickens are going to live in two different houses in their life time. One is call brooding house (when they are little chicks) and the other one is the layers’ pen (when they grow up).

Since birds’ houses are different from human houses, it’s very important you engage the service of an experienced farmers to help you in constructing your poultry pens or click here to invite one of our experienced farmers to help you in constructing your pens.

6. Purchase the right chicks or birds

Imagine you’re planning to adopt a child. Won’t you be concerned about his health before you sign the documents?

It’s even worse in the case of the poultry birds because, not just that your birds could die, you could grow them for many months and discover they are not very productive (because they were not properly vaccinated from the hatchery).

Look for an experienced farmer around you and speak with him as per how you could get healthy chicks from a good hatchery.

7. Choose proper feeding and medication

For different stages of your birds there are feeds been given to them. These are;

The starters feed; they are beginners feed been given at the early stage when chicks are still 0 week till 3-4 weeks or as recommended by your veterinarian.

The growers feed; after the starters feed feeds is been stopped, the growers feed should be given to the birds for 3 weeks -4 weeks or as been recommended by your veterinarian.

The finishers feed or layers feed; after stopping the growers mash or feed the finishers feed or layers feed should be given to the bird. The finisher feed can be given to non layers birds while the layers mash or fed should be given to the layers bird. Each feeds or mash usually severs it purpose. Let you veterinarian recommend for you.

For medications; please don’t just give the birds any poultry medications you lay your hands on, let it be from a veterinarian recommendation.

Marketing Your Poultry Products

Over time as our company deals with so many potential farmers, one common error we see them comiting again and again is putting the first thing last.

Marketing is the first thing, yet, it’s common for us to see people who venture into poultry business without understanding how they’re going to market their poultry products or to whom the eggs or the meat would be sold.

It may sound funny but it happens every day.

This is our company’s advice to anyone who intends to be successful in the poultry business;

Take care of the marketing first.

You must take time out to understand what and what your poultry business would be selling (e.g, meat alone or eggs and meat).

Where and where are your customers and how do you plan to win their heart for your products (eggs and/or meat).

If you go through our free practical poultry farming training, we’re not just going to take you through how to grow chicks, we’ll be taking you through how to be an Agric entrepreneur.

You’ll have the opportunity of visiting one of our associate poultry farms near you to undergo a practical poultry farming training.

Not just that, you’ll go through our practical business training which will empower you not just to be a poultry farmer, but to be a poultry entrepreneur.

You can even invite our experienced poultry farmers to help you to set-up your poultry farm so that you won’t make mistakes and lose your investment.

What Should You Do Now?

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